What is your first thought when you decide to create a new web design? There are many designers who do not take into account the vital importance of user experience. Maybe in the past you could go to websites made either way, but at present this is impossible, because the permanence on the website is a direct function of the user experience.

So, if the user is frustrated or find something that does not like, it is more likely to end up leaving. And that serves no retain web traffic it generates? I'll tell you: to keep server costs zero profit. And when we design a website we must never forget that the goal of a website must be always to benefit, either direct sales in an online store, is getting new fans to a new age movement, because the benefits can be much more than mere income economical.

Web design oriented user experience

The user should always be the focal point of all conceptualization, design and web maintenance. Because it is the user who runs the website, not the designer or the customer. And only if we are able to put ourselves in the shoes of the end user, we can create successful websites, it is of little use if a design does not work. Yeah, okay, let's be honest, it serves to show it as a trophy, but little else. We must always keep in mind the user experience.

Key points on the user experience

The following are some key points to generate a good user experience:
Web browsing easy and intuitive. What is easy? That which the user does not make you think. Create an easy web browsing is not easy Use the metal ejector redundancy unless it is a site with few pages. The information architecture is key.
Quick charging time. The user now has no patience to wait for our web upload, we optimize it to ensure excellent performance.
Web responsive. I am of the opinion that it should not create new web designs that take into account mobile devices. It seems a nonsense, as more and more users browsing with your tablet or smartphone. And there will be even more.

Everything must have a reason! Let's stop and start designing clones ask what function each page of the website.
Images that fit the content. The times I see pictures that have nothing to do with the content. It is very important that the images convey the same message accompanying text.

The user experience is to connect with your emotions

The Bible says in his 10 commandments to "love God above all things." As web designer bible says, "Thou shalt love the User over all things." And it's not here to get into sentimentality, but to know so well the end user that does not fit doubt how we feel and how you act on the web , because the human being is moved by emotions or yes. And if we create designs that connect with the emotions of users, we will have achieved success.

It's what I call emotional web design, one that addresses the feelings of the user. We believe that we are rational beings, but it is not true, it has been shown that we are emotional beings we rationalize our emotions so that we seem reasonable. Every good web design has to connect with the emotions of the user.

And how you manage to know what you think and feel the user? Making a profile so real, so vivid, so detailed, that you think there is. Because only then can you connect with him and get him the message. Always remember: a website to be profitable. And just connecting creare site with the end user will achieve results.

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